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To all sci-fi fans out there...
Welcome to 3D space models.

How would you like to create your own sci-fi art gallery and impress your friends with your amazing, perhaps undiscovered artistic talents?

Can’t even draw a good stick figure? Don’t worry, with some simple tutorials I will show you how to produce some great pictures that you can truly be proud of. All you need is your computer and some easy to obtain 3D software that is incredibly good fun to use. In no time at all you will be churning out some great sci-fi images that you can print out, have framed, and hang on your wall at home.

Ok, let’s get started....

Free 3D models
If you’re a regular visitor to the site and you’ve followed some of our tutorials, then you know what it’s all about. To view some examples of the many models we have available click here

3d Art galleries
Check out some of the sci-fi artwork produced using Bryce and some of our 3D models
Show me the art galleries

Create your own screensaver
Why not make your own sci-fi
art screensaver? It’s easy when you know how.
Learn more

Find more sf artwork at


Start a new hobby today!

What do you use your computer for? Sending emails? Chatting online? Shopping for bargains? Researching information? That’s great. But have you ever put your computer to more creative use? ... read more

FREE 3D Space models
Gain access to our free 3D space models collection when you join our membership site where you’ll find more 3D tutorials and some exciting new models. We’ll also keep you updated via our occasional newsletter on the latest models being made available for you to download...

NEW models available every month!

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Complete beginners start here

What to do if you have never dabbled in
Speedy Space Art =

’Speedy Space Art’ is the term I have given to producing sci-fi imagery using the popular 3D rendering program Bryce and the 3D modelling techniques I use to create my sci-fi designs.

The quickest way for beginners to get up to speed is to use one of our ready-made templates that can be imported into Bryce and follow our beginners tutorial.

Free 3D models for 3D sci-fi artists
Bryce 7 ple

Professional models from Daz

For the more advanced 3D artist there are some fantastic models available from Daz3D which can be used with Poser and Bryce.
(Latest version 7 now available)

Daz are also currently offering some excellent 3D models at discount prices. They also have a very good range of 3D software packages including Carrera, Hexagon, Bryce, Daz Studio and Mimic.

Poser Pro now available from Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk

3D Space models

‘ Sci-fi & fantasy models for 3D artists ’
free 3D models ~ free tutorials ~ and sci-fi art galleries

Know someone who likes to draw sci-fi and fantasy art? or likes to use Bryce for creating digital artwork? Why not tell them about our free 3D space models and tutorials. Webmaster Mike Henderson

Latest 3D models
available to download

Free 3D bryce models

Bryce templates
Templates come complete with textured models and scenes which can be altered in many ways through quick experimentation. i.e. lighting, sky palette, interchanging models and materials.
View available templates

3D Tutorials

Creating futuristic cities
Ever wondered how to create Blade Runner city style backgrounds or gleaming city tower blocks in Bryce ?
read more

Creating sci-fi landscapes
Ready for another simple tutorial using Bryce? This time I’m going to create an alien landscape using a few quick and easy techniques, then add a couple of... 
read more

Designing armaggedon
Here’s a tutorial that shows step by step how I produced the ‘Armaggeddon’ picture read more

3D Sci-fi Art articles

Finding inspiration
Inspiration can come in many ways when you’re trying to come up with a great idea for your next picture. Here’s a method that I use to find new ideas.. read more

Latest artwork
Click here to see some of the latest artwork produced with our FREE 3D models

More tutorials and articles available in members area

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